“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”- 2 Timothy 2:15 #MyBestVerses

I was so sure I was writing my Book, then I realised I was trying to write a perfect script to fit into the pages I have read all my life. Been speaking a lot, thinking exhaustively, laughing tirelessly, reading sporadically, but then I refused to write ceaselessly.

In retrospect…

If anything has ever encouraged me at this stage, it would be the beautiful quotes that have been birthed from my journey so far. I guess all my days spent in Libraries, looking up great Authors, collecting awesome quotes and acting out what I learnt, have been worthwhile in the end.

“We do not have the time and place to be depressed.”

I lost my writing style at some point, yes I did…Sometimes, I may not be able to bring myself to write a Poem, or write a nostalgic piece, or understand what to write at some point. In between living an experience filled life, taking chances, acting out plans, innovating my strategies, and taking a break every now and then, I forgot to write about every single moment…The miraculously good, the seemingly bad and the forgettable ugly.
Although, in between the unwritten posts and write-ups, I eternally keep a healthy mind.

“Be inspired. It is a state of the mind.”

What was I going to write about? Yes! The inability to read anymore. I tried, so bad, to read some more. I just couldn’t. I bought books, would still do, but I don’t read them anymore…Yes, I am growing my Library, and I love giving out books a lot, but I can’t read them exhaustively again. There are so many awesome reads, I pick the first Chapters, and some other Chapters, absorb the full picture and move on. A little here and a little there and I get it, I may not exhaust the reading. I’d rather play the pages out in my mind or act them out for myself in real life.
Maybe I grew to ‘read short’, analogous to ‘think smart’, I guess? Basically, I keep the inspiration coming.

“Laugh and live.”

When I say, I learnt to laugh, I really do not remember my story. Maybe it’s because it was more of an escape than a choice. You see I just couldn’t anymore…I needed to just start laughing and stick with the happy life. No, I wasn’t a sad teenager…pretty much an introspective one. The only issue was, ‘my thinking abilities showed all over my face’. So, it was during those years I stumbled on the reality of life…To live in a seriously amused way.

Laughing and living!

“The hour has come to get brilliant again.”

Oh well, my days of experiencing a ‘plateau’ state are running out. It’s time to get back into the books for a season! Yes, no burnouts needed…If I would write, I should read. I should not be disconnected from reading even in this state, I sure read a lot of quotes, short write-ups, short poems, and experiential writings. I read not just to understand but to relate, commend, stay relevant, et al.

Pretty much, to stay brilliant always…Spiritually, mentally and otherwise.

In conclusion…

“When you have a chance to escape or stay unexcited…I hope you escape.” 

…In Books this time around, in Books.

Most important of all…

– @blessingshares

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13 thoughts on “Read! 

  1. Victory Odunjo says:

    And as I saw this in my mail, I was like lemme just jump in and comment.. Lol. I had been through this sort of phase recently, and it totally paid off. I had to (emphasis on the had to) disconnect myself from every other source through which I could be inspired, or which includes motivational talks, seminars, and most especially books except for the Bible and Church (of course).

    I got to a point that I promised myself that I am buying no more books, because I have so many already, many partially read and many unread.. Lol. And like you I was wasn’t feeling it any more. Sometimes too much knowledge could make one weary. But I used the phase to do something, I used it to find my own voice!

    It’s easier to get lost in the voices of so many helpers and lose hearing ones own voice. That’s what staying away from many resources did for me. I was able to find out who I truly was, my style and my goals. So I must say this phase is important. But then, it’s time to get back on track and blaze the trail. We must only stop to catch a nap, and not have a sleep marathon!

    And your points in this article, are so on point! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • oyide says:

      Hahaha…Thank you so much for jumping right in to comment!
      I was so sure I was the only one going through this phase *at some point, I was pretty much ashamed*…lool
      The lines in your comment are so reassuring. Thank you. Yes, I did find myself (voice) while taking time off from the books et al. In particular, I got to write a lot…It was basically the time most of these quotes came to me and more.
      Thank God I’m not the only one. So, I would ask a question tho *haha*…What did you do to get yourself back into the books after this phase? *Please, hel’ a Sisteh* Lool
      You know how Papa says ‘Readers are Leaders’ 🙂
      Thank you again for stopping by.


      • Victory Odunjo says:

        It’s a privilege! Well well, in response to that question. Let’s take time away from books as fasting. After a very long fast, one doesn’t jump back simply by eating a huge, filling meal. It starts gradually. So for me I have started by reading articles on blogs, short pieces here and there to keep feeding my mind gradually till I can go for something bigger.

        A lesson I have learnt though, in relation to reading books is, pick up a book that you need, or one that has something you are passionate about, or you need to know. That way, there is an internal desire inside of you to ensure you get to take it all in! That’s how 🙂 Slow and steady, no hurry.

        And ‘Readers are Leaders’ only if they practice what they read, and apply them too. I believe there should always be a time for practice and application as well. Cheers!

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      • oyide says:

        This reply is ‘perfection’! It is totally confirmatory…Like I pick up the Maxwell book ‘Talent is not engough’ after the post, coz I needed capacity building for the career walk…and although I do a Chapter per time, I’m enthusiastic about reading the book.
        Great analogy of fasting…Truly, I would take it a step per time 👏👐 Thank you…Thank you.
        I can go on and on, lemme practise this advice first 😂 Indeed, Readers are Leaders only if they act on what they learn 🙋👐
        It makes a lot of brain now. Reading and Acting!!! 💯🙌


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