What fulfilled dreamers have to say…


“It is a powerful book of deliverance. I see it releasing people to dream big dreams and live fulfilling lives.”

  • Tessa Doghor, a Jesus lover, fulfilled Dreamer and Social Media Lead at Business Day, Nigeria


“As I read through each page of “They Told Us To Dream”, I smiled, laughed, sniffed and got really emotional, majorly because the book painted a beautiful picture of what it means to dream and work hard to see those dreams become a reality. As a born dreamer who passionately chases after her dreams, I could identify with the author’s journey of going from dream to reality. This book is a compendium of principles and real-life stories that will inspire you to dream more and take the necessary steps to transform your dream into reality. I recommend it for any dreamer in pursuit of their dreams. “They Told Us To Dream” is proof that if you can dream it, you can do it! And every dreamer who wants to wake up and take action should read it.”

  • Temitope Olugbeje, Personal Finance Consultant, fulfilled Dreamer and ultimate Finance queen @financewithtope


“I believe every youthful dreamer should have this book in their library, like I do. It gives a candid personal account of the metabolism of dreams, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and profound Biblical texts. Blessing’s life is a testament to the potency of dreams, and proves that young people across the world can better their lot and that of their communities at large when dreams are combined with action.”

  • John Okoro, Non-Executive Chairman, Think Possibilities Group and fulfilled Dreamer


“This is a great book packed with truths that have been simplified for easy read. I love the poems and your personal stories. Thank you, this came in handy.”

  • Tobi Mbaya, Chief Consultant, the Early Years Legacy and fulfilled Dreamer


“The book has inspired and challenged me to take necessary actions towards actualizing my dreams, The costs of not achieving my dreams has started hunting me like never before (in a good way, of course😄). Thanks again for this wonderful book. Thank you for also allowing the Holy Spirit to inspire your writings.
I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that seeks to grow, make impacts and fulfill purpose.”

  • Aderonke Ojumu, Lead Facilitator, Becoming YOU Academy and fulfilled Dreamer





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