The Versatile Blogger Nomination??? Wow!!! Although it took me a while, but I'm finally here 😃 No really...This is the first time I'm taking time out to respond to a nomination (being avoiding the 'award' zone 😂) Maybe this response is inspired by the fact that I met the great mind behind in … Continue reading Versatility 


The Wisdom of ‘Time’…Use Wisely!

crystal walls

How shall this continuum
be clearly explained, or defined?

It has no master.
‘Tis friendless.
Who may command it best?
Who may counsel it?

People often plead with time,
Day and night.
But it fails them all,
Never hearing them call.
It has shut its ears.
And shall not hear.

The wise do not bother.
They continue with their given task
Because they know better than any other;
They learned.
For time proved itself deaf
And so they ask,
“Why bother to plead, then?”

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I was awake, very much awake, but you see the moment I told my brain I needed to write, it began processing the 'sleep'. No, seriously, I legit became dizzy. Ahhhh ahhhh, I fought to write these first lines...    The question today is: are you sleeping awake or awake sleeping?  In areas of life- … Continue reading Asleep