Watchful Eye

For everyday we liveThere's an eye watching  In everything we doThere's an eye watching  Even everywhere we goThere's an eye watching  That eye is not a spooky oneAs it is the Eye of God  He follows us all the timeBecause He is a Good Father  Now as well as He is goodSo is He also … Continue reading Watchful Eye

On Faith

Faith has been the most predominant word I've received throughout the weekend. On a particular day, I was in my kitchen and I heard in my spirit, 'the things which are seen are temporal, the things which are not seen are eternal' - on faith. Then the Holy Spirit took it further. He said, 'infact, … Continue reading On Faith


For context sake: Written on the 30th of September, 2020 My God, He is God! He is my God! He is a faithful God! It's Testimony Time!!! YAY. After my trip to Paris on Monday evening, I realised that my neck was paining me. It just had this pain like a stiff feeling on the … Continue reading I TESTIFY


You sit down and say, 'One day I will be GREAT!' You already are (when God created you, He made you GREAT). God created you GREAT.Although when you sit down and refuse to be who God created you to be, then you start to feel less of GREATness. I would put it another way, 'When … Continue reading GREATness