“I am a dreamer and I WRITE; about everything and nothing. Once in a while, all the time. Every now and then, every other day.

I write about the moments, the expectations, the pain, and the wishes; more importantly, I write the truth.

I may not be able to state when I began to write, but I can tell you for free the reason I decided to write.

It was all bottled up…the words in me formed from a spiral of emotions. Emotions…emotions generated from the days of drifting, mixed with the weight of cares (good ones and not-so-good ones).

To write was a moment of release, a beckoning to freedom. It was my own created world; a gift from God to still the raging in my mind.

A stir of inspiration is all I need to write…to write again…to write some more. Oh, I would not stop now. I cannot stop even if I tried.

The pen is my dance, the paper is my music. You see, I have been on this road for years…and I am- Yes! – I am by the grace of God going somewhere to happen!!!

I am going to write my way to a better place…where emotions are calm as heaven; heaven in my words; my words for the glory of God.

Nothing can stop me now…I was born to WRITE!!!”