Art Appreciation 

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ― Ansel Adams


The creativity in this picture is used to usher in the exclusive second edition of the ‘Appreciation Series’.

What in the world would we do without Art? In every sense of its manifestation…Today, we pick photography *look at that lovely picture and many more to come*.

To do justice to this edition, we have the awesome @gstiks ‘Olugbenga Ladipo’ 👏👐🙌 of ‘STIKS Photography’. I’m glad I met Gbenga, his creativity with the Camera is simply epic…He is not just a great mind, he’s good people *permit me to go black* 👏🙋

Simply enjoy this awesome interview I was privileged to have with Gbenga on this special edition!

Who is Gbenga Ladipo? (About you)

Gbenga Ladipo is a young man finding his way through this creative landscape called earth created by the almighty God. Gbenga is the first of three boys. An avid lover of images and all round goofball. On a more serious note. He’s a business Economist from education and budding management Consultant from work experience.

Tell us about Stiks Photography? (The Brand)

Stiks photography was conceived barely two years ago now. A journey that started midway into my NYSC year. I had a camera in hand long before then but the inspiration came as result of different situations and words of encouragement from people around me. At Stiks photography we are all about capturing the essence and we focus on weddings events and portraits.

When did you find your passion and how has your brand evolved over time? (The Origin)

Well photography for me started quite early I never really realised it over the years growing up as young lad my Parents always invested in technology. So we always had cameras. The turning point started when my mom purchased our first digital camera. It worked with diskettes 😂 (RIP to them) I think I still have the camera, it was a Sony, we then had successive ones which I used and spoilt till I got to University where I majorly focused on taking photos with my iPhone, majorly landscape. My Instagram page has an archive of those pictures; eventually in the pursuit of taking better pictures, I was gifted with a DSLR and that’s where the journey really took off.

The first digital Camera

Thank you 👏

An insight into the Projects/Initiatives you have done? (Partnerships and Clients)

In my photography journey I’ve been so favoured to have received mentorship from great photographers from our time. I have Toyin Solanke (trendzphoto ) who has always encouraged me from the start. Mayowa Adekoya (Mayonikks Photography) who encouraged me to take my photography more seriously and also the business and organisational aspects. Henry Nwaeze (BigH studios) who has been a great source of inspiration in more recent time and a great teacher. In our short time we have worked for a couple of clients ranging from private organisations to individuals and our client list is still growing.

What is your take on the coverage of events in Nigeria? (Commercial Context, Prospects, et al)

Photography is rapidly taking its place as a respectable profession. The emergence of social media and the young and growing population has brought about a rebranding of a creative art taken for granted. We have an abundance of great photographers in Nigeria, so many names. It’s quite lucrative and the standard keeps getting higher.
Where do you see Photography in ten (10) years? (The big picture)

Photography in ten years will be magical, newer technologies that would make it easier to capture moments better than ever.

Pick between a Canon and a Nikon (Break-out Question)


Do give a storyline of how you have kept on so far? (The Motivation)

The journey hasn’t been easy as with anything in life you have your ups and down. But one thing remains constant with any creative and that’s the passion to create. You don’t become creative by shooting once a month. You become creative by doing it all the time and I’m trying to build that dogged persistence to always create. Not just to create but also develop an image that speaks to you. One day I want to have an exhibition and I want to see myself in work hanging on people’s walls or on their phones. That’s the motivation for me.

Personal Question: When would you drop the suit for the Camera full-time? (The timeline)

Lol. An interesting question that time will tell.

The awesome @gstiks

It’s a wrap!!! 

For bookings and partnerships, check out ‘stiksphotography’ here:

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Whatsapp- 08183129769

This interview focuses on art and creativity…On young People using their artistic talent to create beauty and brand-worth. Do seek out your talent today and live it!

For further inquires on events coverage, photoshoot sessions et al, do contact our Guest (contact listing above) or drop a comment below.

Thank you for joining us! 

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