A decade of blogging – GRATEFUL

I am grateful for 10 years (a decade 🙂 of blogging on WordPress.

I have grown as a writer and for this, I am beyond grateful.

To celebrate this milestone, I am happy to announce the release of my second book titled, ‘I Will Tell You When I Write About It’.

‘I will tell you when I write about it’ is a compilation of 18 beautiful poems about healing, living and dreaming.
This poetry book was written from the pain of the lockdown in 2020, groaning from a waiting season, and hope for lasting love.
In the pages of this poetry book, you will find notes on love, hurt, joy, dreams, and more amazingly forgiveness.
Enjoy the healing words from each line.

– Blessing Ofure Okoro

Ready to read my new book?
Get it on Amazon here.


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