I always pray for sanity...and divine health. It is the peculiar link between my emotions and my physical state. This time last week I almost lost my mind...But God! I went through physical sickness and emotional stress. And then I realized, that indeed the mental health could affect the physical state and vice-versa. But you … Continue reading Healing

The Gift…

I was not sure what to write. I thought I would write about the sun shining today I thought I should write a full write-up It was not so clear what I wanted to write about.   All I have is a desire to write something All this while I thought it must be dramatic … Continue reading The Gift…


I just started writing and I am already snickering by myself. Need I mention, I have been putting up posts in my head these pasts weeks (I'm not joking). Then I open the blog and realise, 'Oh my God, I haven't put it up here yet'. Will consider doing a writing series 'in retrospect'. Thanks be … Continue reading Play!


Did you look at her with the eyes of a lonely one? She cried internally once or twice. Strength oozed from her on a pseudo basis; Indeed, she slept and awoke listening to the sounds. In the end, the clock does not stop ticking; And she does not stop thinking: How different would it be? … Continue reading HE