Seasons change, but You o LORD, You remain the SameIn good times, in getting better times, in bad times, you remain the SameIn snow, in rain, in the sunshine, in heat, in coolness, LORD, You remain the SameIn doubt, in pain, in waiting, in aching, in questioning, in everything, o LORD, You are the SameIn … Continue reading Dear LORD


You can’t hurt me I came hurt You can’t scar me  I was scarred You can’t put me down I’ve been humbled You can’t laugh at me I’ve been laughed at You can’t talk me down I’ve been talked about You can’t kill me He gave me Life Eternal You can’t beat me He took … Continue reading FORGIVENESS

Laughter to tears

I laugh,I laugh when things happenWhen things are funny or sadI laugh when things are unbelievableI laugh when things are out-of-this world I caught me laughingI was laughing todayBecause the news could not sinkI tried to laugh away the painI laugh when things are shocking I see me laughingI will need to laugh againWhat is … Continue reading Laughter to tears


The last time we talked about living a dream filled life and it had me thinking all the way to this new post. How exactly are we going to make it? You know, on the journey towards making the dream a reality and the pressures that come with it. We need a miracle! I will … Continue reading HELP!


It was my birthday on the 31st of October!!! Glory to God for life *dancing* Someone told me recently in a conversation, 'you were dancing and all...' hahaha. That person was correct, I do not only dance in written form, I also dance literally!!! 🙂 Why? Well, my God is a great God, so I … Continue reading LOVE