Watchful Eye

For everyday we liveThere's an eye watching  In everything we doThere's an eye watching  Even everywhere we goThere's an eye watching  That eye is not a spooky oneAs it is the Eye of God  He follows us all the timeBecause He is a Good Father  Now as well as He is goodSo is He also … Continue reading Watchful Eye

Miracles on Miracles

Miracles on Miracles The whole weekend has been full of testimonies. I can't even begin to recount the joy!!! Note, I meant the joy, not the happiness, but the joy. Because as soon as my ears heard each testimony, all the gloom I felt began to fade away. And I believe that's the greatest miracle … Continue reading Miracles on Miracles


For context sake: Written on the 30th of September, 2020 My God, He is God! He is my God! He is a faithful God! It's Testimony Time!!! YAY. After my trip to Paris on Monday evening, I realised that my neck was paining me. It just had this pain like a stiff feeling on the … Continue reading I TESTIFY