On this day, I will put up this post as a ‘Blogger’ and not as a ‘Writer’ 🙂 Happy new month and welcome to the second quarter in the year 2016 *dancing* It’s amazing the testimonies we received from the first quarter *glory to God* This blog has a testimony to share 😀 The comments, … Continue reading


   Aspirations? Dreams? Visions? Masterplans? All these words remain dominant through several seasons of my life. I have had dreams for over a decade and counting. Other days, I simply aspired to achieve a certain stride.  In a season, I received a vision for my life from God. At a point, the exact scriptural backing … Continue reading


   She needed a hero, To lift her from point zero She needed peace, To make her raging mind cease She needed sanity, To bring an end to the calamity She needed solace, To comfort her along the race She needed healing, To stop her heart from bleeding She needed a break, To fix her … Continue reading


I have been waiting on WordPress to send me the post of ‘my year in review from 2016’. Still haven’t seen that post… I always love to reblog it *it gives you a summary of your blog strides for the year*  You see, that reblog was meant to be my first post for the year, … Continue reading


Remember that story for another day? It is pretty simple, while growing up, I never enjoyed the crowd. Why? I never seemed to blend in. Ever! For as long as I remember… From my primary school down to my tertiary institution. I was never like the rest of them. I was first too different, then … Continue reading


I just started writing and I am already snickering by myself. Need I mention, I have been putting up posts in my head these pasts weeks (I’m not joking). Then I open the blog and realise, ‘Oh my God, I haven’t put it up here yet’. Will consider doing a writing series ‘in retrospect’. Thanks be … Continue reading


“Some days I want to write till I escape the cruelty of this world.”- Blessing Okoro Originally written on Sunday, November 20, 2016 Being uneasy all day… I barely slept well on Saturday night and I’m still heavy in my spirit.  Why? The cruelty of this generation…my God!  As if the days of the slavery … Continue reading


Happy Sunday y’all. 😃💃👏 Glory to God. Happy new month from the blog to all my awesome readers. I’m super excited and grateful to God for the year thus far. I remember God starting this year with us and how far He has brought us. Matter of fact, it just hit, the first quote or … Continue reading