The book…

For context sake: This experience was written on 28/07/2020 For me, I discovered my calling at 11...yeah, I knew at a young age that the LORD called me to write. For this, I’m sincerely grateful. Because although I’ve come through many rough and indecisive years, I was still on time, you see 🙂  So from … Continue reading The book…

A decade of blogging – GRATEFUL

I am grateful for 10 years (a decade 🙂 of blogging on WordPress. I have grown as a writer and for this, I am beyond grateful. To celebrate this milestone, I am happy to announce the release of my second book titled, 'I Will Tell You When I Write About It'. 'I will tell you … Continue reading A decade of blogging – GRATEFUL

Morning Air

Morning air! Morning joy! Morning prayers! Every day I wake up, I give thanks to God for the new day. It reminds me of a song we sang back in School titled, 'Chante Hallelujah'. The striking line was, 'When you wake up in the morning sun, give praise to God who keeps you alive'. Oh … Continue reading Morning Air


For context sake: Written on the 30th of September, 2020 My God, He is God! He is my God! He is a faithful God! It's Testimony Time!!! YAY. After my trip to Paris on Monday evening, I realised that my neck was paining me. It just had this pain like a stiff feeling on the … Continue reading I TESTIFY