On this day, I will put up this post as a 'Blogger' and not as a 'Writer' 🙂 Happy new month and welcome to the second quarter in the year 2016 *dancing* It's amazing the testimonies we received from the first quarter *glory to God* This blog has a testimony to share 😀 The comments, … Continue reading Comments

The Cross 

"When I survey the wondrous cross,|On which the Prince of Glory died,|My richest gain I count but loss,|And pour contempt on all my pride." — Isaac Watts I will eternally love Christian Hymns 🙌👏💃 Here goes one of my most favourite hymns titled- 'When I Survey The Cross'    1. When I survey the wondrous … Continue reading The Cross 


“I am a dreamer and I WRITE; about everything and nothing. Once in a while, all the time. Every now and then, every other day. I write about the moments, the expectations, the pain, and the wishes; more importantly, I write the truth. I may not be able to state when I began to write, … Continue reading Writing