Where is Africa?

In the North, Center, East, South or West?

You ask, ‘which country?’

You answer, ‘Africa!’


What is Africa?

Is it Nigeria, South Africa, Chad, Kenya or Morocco?

They think, a particular race

They assume, a dark location


Why Africa?

Is it their ignorance, an illusion or hate?

Some see, a location

Some don’t know we have 54 countries


How Africa?

Is it the history, people or culture?

We know, we are more than just a continent

We believe we are bigger than the stereotype.


Food for thought:

A few years back, it was the illusion that ‘Africa’ was a ‘country’. That has almost cleared up. Lately, they took it a notch higher with erroneous statements like, ‘A particular country is investing in Africa!’ 

This erroneous statement had me writing this poem on the spot. You need to get your facts right, where exactly in Africa?!’ 

Are you still confused about Africa? Scroll up again and read between the lines of the Poem.


Written by Blessing Okoro ©2017


Image source: Google images




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