One day?

Someone asked me today, 'do you write every day?' I said, 'not really :)' Since blogging remains my most dominant measure of my 'active' writing frequency, I decided to write this evening. The word active is in quotation mark for emphasis. You see, some days I write in my head, some days I write just … Continue reading One day?


Fast days, slow days Happy days, gloomy days All these make up living   Beautiful memories, mundane memories Few memories, countless memories All sum up to the same reminisce   Days when you want to skip Some memories make you think   Days in which you just keep still From memories that bring pain   … Continue reading Everyday


“Laugh and Live.” - Blessing Okoro #BlessingShares Dreams often leave us wondering, “Why dream at all?” simply as a result of the constant overwhelming thought of the process that would be required to achieve them. That’s why we must remember that the nature of dreams is that they are often bigger than us, for to … Continue reading Laughter