Slow Cooker

I remember last year, I lived in a family house where I rented a room and it was quite an experience.  One of the most striking bits was the gas cooker in the kitchen. To be honest, I don't remember till today exactly how it looked. But one thing I can be sure not to … Continue reading Slow Cooker


I'm high, and I'm lowI don't have an in-between I'm whole, and I'm brokenI don't get a midpoint I'm in, and I'm outI don't give options I'm rich, and I'm poorI don't see the difference I'm human, and I'm spiritI don't have an out I'm alive, and I'm wellI don't grow weary I'm a god, … Continue reading Poem


  Where is Africa? In the North, Center, East, South or West? You ask, ‘which country?’ You answer, ‘Africa!’   What is Africa? Is it Nigeria, South Africa, Chad, Kenya or Morocco? They think, a particular race They assume, a dark location   Why Africa? Is it their ignorance, an illusion or hate? Some see, … Continue reading Africa?


I have been thinking lately, about all the moments and the activities I’ve been surrounded with in recent times. It has become quite uncertain, as to the period I might be living out; whether my past or my future. Scratch that…my inspirational side tells me I might be living my past. “If you are depressed … Continue reading PEACE


Have a little Faith:In peopleIn friendsIn placesIn situationsIn promisesIn conversationsIn actionsIn expectationsIn the daysIn life's journeyDo have a little faith in yourselfAnd whatever you do,Have FAITH in God. YEAH:Your Faith in God should be large, coz it is so cool that He never fails. Whatever you do, no matter how little you might trust, have … Continue reading FAITH


In my progressively awesome life, I have at every point in time lived for better days. It comes with the ideology that life is worth living because there is something more exciting, a state more successful, a moment more enjoyable and definitely, happenings more miraculous ahead. When moments throw you a curve of ‘content discomfort’, … Continue reading MIRACLES…