“Laugh and Live.” – Blessing Okoro


Laughter Principle

Dreams often leave us wondering, “Why dream at all?” simply as a result of the constant overwhelming thought of the process that would be required to achieve them. That’s why we must remember that the nature of dreams is that they are often bigger than us, for to envision a future greater than ourselves is to dream.

To say that my dreams have left me beat sometimes may sound dramatic, but that is the truth. On days when to my mind I had taken a giant leap only to find in reality that I had only taken a little step, I felt the pain. In such low moments, I would search for an antidote to help me escape from the expectations of my dreams. I needed sanity. It was on such a day that I found it – the therapy called laughter! I learned to laugh; for no reason and for every reason. Sometimes, I would laugh till I cried, other times I would cry till I laughed. I simply decided to find joy in every moment.

The laughter principle reminds me of Proverbs 31:25 which says, “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” (ESV) Oh, I wish someone had told me from the beginning to keep laughing throughout the process and to laugh some more because I was blessed to be a dreamer in the first place. I’ve come to find that laughter is the perfect accompaniment to achieving your dreams per time.

This principle of laughter will propel every dreamer to higher achievement along the path towards living out a fulfilled dream life.


Extract from the Book, They Told Us To Dream


Testimony Time:

My first book was published in November 2017!!! I am so grateful to God *haha*

We waited for it! God did it in His season.

For all the great minds that have followed this awesome blog over the years, you know the dream has come true *dancing*

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