“If I do not write and share, I will explode one way or another.”-Blessing Okoro😂👐🍹

I’m presently in one of those awesome moments when you get so overwhelmed to transcribe every bit of an experience😃…because it is larger than life and you are still trying to absorb every bit of it.
But share in bits I must😂…this experience for me was the profound MentorMe- Youth Mentorship Event I was privileged to attend today #was so cool.
Rubbing thoughts with great minds, drinking from the profound wisdom that flowed from the Mentors and distinguished speakers, and especially experiencing entrepreneurship at its peak💃👐👏😮
All I will do at this point is write less and let you take a picture peak into the best way I can express the moment and the intensity of the inspiration and more derived.
Indeed…there are the movers…right now their stories are summarised to an extent I believe in this potent quotes by great entrepreneurs.

Innovation, continuous improvement, resilience and more…


Risk-taking, ExperienceNotFailure, Positivity Mentality and more…

Action, FastEatsTheSlow, Determination and more…

Capacity-Building, Specialisation, Networking and more…

Branding, UniqueDistinction, Expertise and more…

Now is the time…😃

I present to you the awesome team- Group of Patriotic Corpers, great minds that put together this August event😃👏👐 ….with Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, a great mentor and renowned personality in the fabric of Nigerian expression.

Who thought…😯

Met this remarkable entrepreneurs…💃…Mrs Nnodim Blossom-Pioneer, Adopt-A-Tweep and Mr Simeon Ononobi- Celebrated Founder of SimplePay😃

Wait for it…
Yours truly was one of the MCs…it was awesome. A big shout out to my co-MC- Jerry O. Agenyi. Most important of all, a big thank you to all the leaders that constituted the audience, the young CEO contestants, prolific mentors of the high table, organisers and partners.
All these people made this event one that will definitely go down in history as a laudable mentality shifting event.

There you have it…my picture-simplified post of an awesome event-inspired day😃💃…thank you for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “Mentorship…💃

  1. queen says:

    yippee! I’m so excited for u. I wish I made it tho. your blog is on point and mind stimulating. I mite nt always b able to leave a comment but trust me I never miss reading any write up from u. luv u plenty!


  2. John Okoro says:

    Blessing, your presence and impeccable delivery at the event is very commendable. You totally wowed even me, your brother. You are amazing! lovely write-up. Keep up the good work.


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