Just know that something that makes you laugh exhaustively may one day make you cry. It could then make you wonder...'was the laughter too loud or the hysteria too extreme?' Did I not have a right to laugh that much and why do you now have to rub it in my face? If the laughter … Continue reading RAGING MIND 


I don’t remember the last time I was literally bored…in recent years, the state has occurred in more advanced forms. I have been bored while working, bored while reading, bored while studying, but never bored while writing 🙂 When doing work becomes fun that is totally what you are made for! It is not rocket … Continue reading Boredom!


"God warms his hands at man's heart when he prays." - John Masefield Lord I want you to help me: Help me on my journey Help me on my way Help me in my moments Help me in my days Help me when the chips are down Help me when the stakes are high. Help … Continue reading Prayer