“Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.”

-Lakein, Alan

They say time will tell, it does. In fact, it does not just tell, it speaks your language *very understandable*. Twenty children do not play together for twenty years *that one is far*, in my world, four children don’t stay on the same grades for four years. “If you think that is bad, try this.” – some siblings do not get to see themselves regularly in some years:( On a lighter note, you do not get stuck with the same you for the rest of your life #personal growth.

“Family is important; it is who will be there for you.” – Coined from the movie ‘The other end of the line’.

Now that was an introduction. The years measure the degree to which you hold on and the extent to which you endure certain things. Imagine this; clinging to family and friends because of the years invested into knowing these people. They say the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know…lool *forget about the devil*, this explanation is way easier: it takes years to build trust, Period!

“Trust takes years to build, and should be preserved.” #rephrased.

I get to question why people choose those they have been with the longest over those they just met, in spite of the positive impacts the latter have on the individuals in question. I conclude, they are not trying to be sly or selfish; in fact it might be a tough decision for them. After I have acquired emotional knowledge and immunity:), the conclusion is this: LOYALTY. It justifies it all. Although, I must add, awarding loyalty is a tricky task.

“It is not about who has been around the longest, it is about who came around and never left.”

–Anonymous #dpsIlove

While you take time out to discern and count the years, do remember; whatever you have, in this context, whoever you are with: friends, family, best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, mentors, and the list goes on…invest in the time spent with these people. Take time out to connect, reconnect, never let any disconnection run out of time. No matter how far you go, those that have been there, will still be there *most of the time*.

“Do not confuse those that are around with those who are always there.”

-Anonymous #dpsIlove

When the days come for you to acknowledge those who took in everything, give honour to whom it is due. Please, do not forget to add every other person in the general term “family and friends”, sadly the acknowledgement page might never be enough. #funnylessonsIlearnt 😀

Moral of Write-up:

Go on building time-backed relationships and friendships. It sure is fun!

2 thoughts on “THE YEARS COUNT…

  1. jalal michael sabbagh. says:

    Beautiful thoughts.Right ,l agree with your opinion .but we have too think about the future, when your family members are busy with their lives.You have to plan for yours.Wishing you success.jalal


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