“May you never forget what is worth remembering, nor ever remember what is best forgotten.”-Irish Blessings quoteIt is said that an approximate range of between 12,357 and 60,000 thoughts run through the human mind daily (and more, especially when you think excessively :D). Through my odyssey in life, I have come to realize just like … Continue reading DO YOU THINK RIGHT?


I am certainly not blocked (writing wise):D It was just a funny resolution made to get the beauty of the blog together before posting another write-up that generated the brief MIAness...and those that know me might say examinations (I might give that to you:)). Over 3 days of theme searching, design extraction and settings manipulation, … Continue reading PERFECT

On your own…

“A dose of inspiration and some advice has left me thinking...”-Blessing Okoro. It is bubble bursting time:), this is really not an inspirational blog (too many of those), let us leave emotional counseling for the professionals (lool...we are getting there). In the market place of life, it is observed that advice is least heeded when most … Continue reading On your own…


Watching you sleeping calmly in a serene state,Forgetting your troubles and letting go of the inevitable.Watching you taking up your challenge,Being optimistic in an audacious manner.I watching you wonder;You are brave,You are optimistic,You can come through this challenge,But only you understands the strength taken to have such AUDACITY. Moral of Poem:Audacity here depicts the boldness … Continue reading AUDACITY


God creates things; Man only makes thingsGod heals the patient; The doctor takes the feesGod gives the fruit; The farmer plants the seedGod gives the knowledge; The student does the readingGod owns the universe; Man is only a tenant -Written by John Okoro