I Wrote A Copy

More, I did professional copywriting for the first time and failed at it. Oops, I meant, I learned while doing it 🙂 Oh my God, it was some real work! Like, I remember the first time I heard the word, ‘Copywriting’. I was like, that’s interesting, I should try it out. But I never really did it professionally, you see. You know, legit, in simple terms, I’m a bit of a copywriter, by reason of my tag as a ‘Writer’ already. For instance, I do all my blog titles myself (now that has a tint of copywriting). Believe it, the ability to come up with catchy, relevant, and relatable titles for each storyline, for each blog post. And more…hehe, by reason of my book, to the glory of God, I’m a published copywriter.

What do I mean? Ehm, you see, I had original copies for my title, the chapter titles, et al. Oh, and the quotes. Voilà, creating quotes has a tint of copywriting too 🙂 Well, after all of these, my point is, the professional copywriting was some real work. I don’t know how yet. Maybe it was because it was dressed up in ‘work overalls’. Like, I wasn’t having fun at all. I was writing, researching, and asking questions while learning here and there, but it wasn’t inspiring as I know it, I would say. Or maybe, I just don’t do professional copywriting well just yet.

So, I’ll stick with the latter point; coz I mean, if I could, by God’s grace, come up with an amazing book title, They Told Us To Dream (everyone I’ve met till date has been amazed by that title) 🙂 Yeah, I should, yes, I can be able to do professional copywriting, no? YES. Now what’s the point, creative writing is way easier for me. Yeah, but in the beginning, it wasn’t always like that, I wrote some really ‘editable’ posts in the past, before getting a hold of the creative writing flow. In fact, sometimes, I may still write ‘plainly’ (which is a technique by the way). What I’m trying to say is, this copywriting thing that I ‘failed’ at for the first time, I’m going to explore it more.

It is a classic case of, ‘the baby can run.’ because he/she is going to be a child, you know. Like, ‘the girl is a woman’ and ‘the boy is a man’. Yes. Because they are going to grow up. AMEN (we reject the tragic death of children in Jesus Name).

Blessing Okoro

Now, I love what the Lord is saying, don’t give up on the copywriting skill, let it grow. It will be great. Matter of fact, it is alright. I didn’t really fail, my coaches said I did a great job. I only wanted the Client to accept my copies, that’s the whole reason I’m even saying I failed. But, I mean, even the Client had positive suggestions. So looking on the bright side, I’m going to be writing a whole lot more copies.

Yes. I wrote a copy. I’m going to write a copy. You’ll meet me writing great copies! HALLELUJAH!

Learning Pot

The main lesson I learned is in this original quote book by John C. Maxwell* that I expanded (on the second part) to drive home my point…

*Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.

John C. Maxwell

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