So, I put a post on Sunday (I practically took a screenshot of a ‘one year later’ post from Facebook) – shared it on my Instagram page – @blessingshares_official. This post shows on my Facebook and Twitter pages (thanks to the amazing power of social media connectedness).

Okay, back to my story 🙂 Hehe. Thank You, Lord! Wow, like, it is one year later. And to be honest, this is not exactly the ‘date anniversary’ of the book #TheyToldUsToDream, this is more like a ‘feeling’ anniversary – the moment when it’s really sinking that the reality of my book dream is a year later. WOW

Like this post did that reality moment!

The ‘feeling’ anniversary post 🙂

I’ve always had dreams, but this one was heavy…its aftermath was sinking for months, it is still sinking, you know. You may not know the story of my ‘book journey’, though I’ve tried to tell it in bits, and I’ll keep telling it by God’s grace.

And yesterday, that post that I put up on social media brought me back to this reality of my dream. Like, it brought me to write about it yet again. The post has gone global in its own humble way. I’m scrolling through my Instagram stories randomly and I see 3 significant reposts of this screenshot on the pages of amazing friends I love so much. And then, I’m thinking about the reach of that kind gesture – and I realise the reality of my dream is being celebrated GLOBALLY.

No, like LITERALLY – these persons are in 3 different countries of the world as at the time of this anniversary post and oh my God – they are across the continents of Africa and Europe at least. Oh, Praise HIM!

Though time may not permit a long write-up, I must say that the goodness of the Lord has been amazing in the book reach. Like, we’ve Dreamers holding/having their dream copies of in China, Canada, the USA, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, France, Australia, Amsterdam, Germany, Columbia, Mexico, UK, and then you can add 19 other countries and counting – because I really can’t keep track of all the places the Dreamers having copies of #TheyToldUsToDream are visiting per time.

– Author’s Testimony

Now, I am just humbled – simply humbled – and beyond grateful to God. Because, among other things, I remember as a young adolescent, I always told my elder Sister, ‘I will be celebrated globally!’ I had no idea how back then, but today, it has happened before my eyes; it’s happening! And I’m not even on TV yet (coz that was the only way I thought I could make it happen).

But God just started and He is the one causing me to get CELEBRATED. And I know, He’s just getting started 🙂

So, I CELEBRATE YOU, every Great Mind out there holding/having a copy of our dream book 🙂


happy birthday love GIF by Greetings Island


4 thoughts on “CELEBRATE-D


    Congratulations. The good Lord Jesus Christ that began the good work will perfect it and to Him alone be the glory and honors.


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