Diary Page…

“Gratitude is not only the memory but the homage of the heart rendered to God for His goodness.”- Nathaniel P. Willis

Learnt the importance of gratitude pages/books a long time ago. It realeases me to see the beauty of living and God’s goodness as everyday unfolds.
Tonight, here goes my homage to God…😃

I’m grateful for:
Family and friends,
Home and shelter,
Light and heat,
Strength and work,
Water and rain,
Internet and communication,
Healing and victories,
Grace and mercy,
Forgiveness and compassion,
Peace and sanity,
Eyes and insights,
Intelligence and discernment,
Wisdom and discretion,
Mouth and utterance,
Love and interests,
Grace to be grateful and more.😃

This takes me to a whole new moment of living everyday to the fullest in the summary of GRATITUDE.
You can definitely try this…it is the new antidote for worries and so-called emptiness.😃💃👐👏


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