Testimony Series – Six

Happened on 14th December 2020

I want to thank God for His unspeakable gifts and His divine mercy upon my life. I have come to pay my vow by returning all the glory unto His Name with this testimony.

In the year 2020, I had a stay permit in France which allowed me to either get salaried employment or create an auto-enterprise. By God’s grace, I did the latter. As of August 2020, I had my first appointment at the Immigration office in the city I live in. And to the glory of the Lord, God came on the scene and approved my application to convert that stay permit I had to the ‘auto-entrepreneur’ visa status.

For context sake, when a stay permit to either look for salaried employment or create an auto-enterprise is granted (which lasts for a year), the Immigration office has the right to send you back to your country if you have no salaried employment for the conversion of your papers. Even more striking, most people that result in the second option of creating an auto-enterprise are denied this application by Immigration offices – expect on solid application grounds, based on the exhaustiveness of the documents presented. 

In my case, I did not have all the documents ticked when I applied, I only had the solid ground – Christ Jesus. I prayed about it, gathered the documents in His Name, and went for the appointment in His Name. To be more specific, I called JESUS on the scene during the defence of my application at the Immigration office. God came on the scene that day, and I walked out of there with the approval of the auto-enterprise, and a stay-permit paper (for 3-months), to the glory of the LORD. This stay-permit paper was granted while my visa card was being processed.

Now, after 3-months, the stay-permit paper expired. As at this time, I had not gotten a message from the Immigration office to come and collect my visa card. This is when I became worried, although I didn’t say anything negative, as I kept on trusting God. I held on to the testimony of JESUS coming on the scene and giving me the approval of the ‘auto-entrepreneur’ visa status. After about 3 weeks, I was advised by a friend who had recently collected her visa card from the Immigration office, to apply for a meeting with them to even ask what was going on. 

This I did, God gave me a favour, and I booked an appointment for the 14th of December, 2020. From the 3rd of December to the time of the appointment, the devil was telling me, ‘it’s not possible! Your application has been refused! They will send you back to your country! Blah blah blah’. I told that devil, ‘NO! Jesus Christ approved my application for me, in fact, you were there when He came on the scene and gave me the visa extension. So, get behind me satan!’ I went on to prepare some supporting documents for the appointment, just in case, because sincerely I was worried. But God Who is rich in mercy had mercy upon me.

By the time Shiloh 2020 came, I joined in during the evening services. The messages preached by Bishop David Oyedepo on kingdom sacrifice, Faith, following hard after God really helped me. By Sunday, during the thanksgiving service, the teaching on thanksgiving by Bishop David Abioye really blessed me. God used that message for me! I realised that I could not remember actually thanking God specially for giving me that stay permit extension in the month of August 2020. I prayed God for mercy, and during the thanksgiving praise and worship, ah, I keyed into thanksgiving. I danced, and I danced, and I danced. I was sincerely grateful to God for approving my application and extending my stay permit in France. I was praising Him for what He has done. 

I received the prophetic word that the Lord has given me the whole of the (orange) in my visa residency permit (by reason of my Shiloh thanksgiving). AMEN. The next day, Monday, I went for the appointment. I was in thanksgiving, I decreed Psalm 24 verse 1, Psalm 50 verse 12, Isaiah 61 verses 1-7, and I was just thanking God for the earth is the LORD’s and the fulness thereof, including France that I’m currently in. And as a child of God, no one can drive me out of anywhere that is my Father’s and the fulness thereof. So, that lie of the devil of, ‘pack and go back to your country’, is not even possible. I go where I want to go and when I want to go there. That simple.

My Brethren, God came back on the scene, it was beautiful. I was smiling throughout the meeting. The lady there was very happy also. We were just in the joy of the LORD – of course, JESUS was on the scene. In fact, out of all the documents I packed, I did not have a passport photo. Haha. I had to go and take a photo, and the lady gracefully moved my meeting from 9.40 am to 10.20 am. By the time I was done taking a picture it was past 10.30 am. I got back to the Immigration office, they opened the door for me, everybody was happy. The security man helped me to tell the lady I was back, she called me in immediately, smiling still. I gave her the passport, she printed the new stay-permit paper for me, I collected it, I smiled and gisted a while with her. In the gist mode, I asked her when the card will be ready, and particularly if there was anything missing in my application documents. She said the application is complete and the card is just being processed, and I will collect it soon, that’s all. Ah, my God is GOD!

My GOD, He is GOD! The whole burden was lifted from off my shoulder. By the time, I came back, I danced, I danced, and I danced again. I’ve come, me Blessing Ofure Okoro, I have come to pay my vow and return all the glory to my LORD JESUS CHRIST.

He is a faithful God! God bless you, my Brothers and Sisters.

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