The Birthright

First of all, the introduction.

"207 What if an old mare gave birth to a little mule? And that little mule had both ears broke down. He was cross-eyed, and knock-kneed, bow-legged. His tail stuck right straight up in the air. What a horrible looking animal! Why, anybody…If that little mule could think, say, “Now, wait a minute. When they come out from the house this morning, I’m telling you, I’ll sure get knocked in the head. Because, they never feed me. Look what a horrible-looking thing I am. I haven’t even got a chance.”
208 Well, that’s right. You haven’t got a chance. “Well, I was born in this world, but looky here what a horrible-looking thing I am. So I—I—I—I’ll never have a chance. I won’t make it. I can’t make it.” See?

209 But what if his mammy is really instructed in the law? She’ll say, “Son, that’s right. You’re all out of shape, and you’re not even fit to eat the food off the earth. That’s right. You’re not fit. But, son, somehow another, you’re my first. And, you know, you’re born under a birthright. And the priest will never see you. But, for your name, there’s got to be an innocent lamb without a blemish, has got to die in your place, so you can live."

- 57-0915E Hebrews, Chapter Seven #1

Now here’s my experience.

Yes, I was the ugly one. However, I’m not a mule. I’m a pure-bred horse; I know who my Father and Mother are. Though I’m only (was) a human being born under (with) the birthright.
CHRIST JESUS gave His Life in my place so that all my flaws are not seen at all. It doesn’t matter how ugly they made me because all God sees is CHRIST JESUS Who took my place. THANK YOU, LORD!

Though let’s talk about those flaws a little bit. Like, I don’t (do not) get angry, no, I switch off! Literally. But God covered that flaw. Next, I love people to a fault, and at a point, I can’t stand those same people at all, sincerely. But God removed that flaw.
More, I do not feel happy for everyone rejoicing, especially when I feel they left me behind. I almost get numb all over towards the celebration, to be honest. But God delivered me from that flaw. AMEN.

Now, I was going to pick up this gorgeous teal pen and write about the girls’ trip I couldn’t make, the friend I know getting married, the family member stressing me out…But God gave me better. Yes, He gave me His birthright. He became me, so I can become Him.

Therefore all these things the devil tried to put on me are but a bluff. I count them as an intrusion because the Son has set me free! And I’m more than a human being.

The end.

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