Testimony Series – Five

Written 08/07/2020

“The LORD gave me an experience.”

Blessing O. Okoro

This Friday, while I was preparing for Paris, I had to look for my lapel pin tagged, ‘Prisoner4Christ’. Prior to this time, I had looked for it for weeks; everywhere in my room, in the boxes, in my bags, et al. Though I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I was, by the grace of God listening to Tape Messages throughout that day. I had listened to a Sermon Message on YouTube titled, Thy House (61-0808)and then the next Sermon Message was playing. At this point, I was packing my bags, with the lapel pin still on my mind.

During the Tape, Brother Branham began praying, so out of reverence for the LORD, I stopped what I was doing and knelt down during the prayer. Now, this happened: as God’s Prophet was praying, the LORD opened my eyes to see my white jacket, I saw me wearing it that last Service at Pierrefitte-Stains before the lockdown. And the lapel pin was on that jacket. He told me, ‘Open your box, check that white jacket, that’s where the lapel pin is.’ 

After the prayer, I opened the box, rejoicing already. I looked for that white jacket, and I found my lapel pin on it. HALLELUJAH!!! I continued rejoicing, of course! Glory be to God! Thank You JESUS for the prayer of Your Prophet, and for finding my lapel pin for me.

That Sunday, I wore my tag, ‘Prisoner4Christ’ joyfully to the Service, giving glory unto God.

He careth for me 💖

Source: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/291256300879255320/

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