Sneak Peak 

Definition of the term: The phrase ‘sneak peak‘ means an opportunity to see something before it is officially available. 

In the case of this post… It is a mini peep into an extract of my Book (coming soon by God’s grace). 💃🙌🙏💕

*whispering* ‘The title will be announced in due course’ 💯🙌🙏👏


We had dreamt for a while….

And then we saw the real world and right there our dreams either became painful or they changed almost immediately.
You see, the reality we saw was not even viewed all through the process of dreaming.

Case Study 1:
“I came out of School in 2013 with a burning passion for events and interviews; then I got to the public media and events space and saw the crowd *wow*. To tell you the least, I became frightened. As if that was not enough, the logistics cost and awareness strategy needed to pull off events in the real world was nothing that we dreamt of while in School.

You know, while in School, we were not just dreaming. We were living out our dreams; I was privileged to organize and co-organize close to ten (10) conferences/seminars/events between 2011 and 2013.
Although, if I tell you how many events I have organized/ co-organized in the real world, you won’t even believe me.”

Now, they told us to dream, but no one told us to ensure our dreams survive the trials that would surely come along…

Case Study 2:
“When I considered the cost (opportunity cost inclusive) of the dream, I received instruction; it is not enough to have what to do, you must gain sufficient capacity to do what you need to do.

No, not the innate capacity in this case: not the striving for 10,000 hours in order to become an Expert, not the network building and establishing the right connections…

All these and more are expedient, but something is more important. It becomes imperative to build financial capacity for the task ahead; there are ways to make it happen: work, save, invest, earn and so on”

Your dream should not make you a paper-chaser for a considerable time of your youth, rather it must make you a valuable contributor.

Although, it is beautiful to dream; more than beautiful actually: it is necessary to dream! But it is a waste of talent and time resource(s) to keep dreaming without living out and stretching through the realities of your dreams.

You have to go through the whole nine yards; the reality of your dreams should not frighten you or cause your dreams to change, it should only WAKE you up!!!
Hear this!

This goes out to the ‘dreamers‘ – the ones who knew innately what they wanted to become in life – particularly at an early age stage of life. 


Written by @blessingshares

Copyright 2016

Image source: Google images 

8 thoughts on “Sneak Peak 

    • oyide says:

      Awwwww. This is awesome dear.

      I love comments like these. God bless you Mfon 🙏💯💃

      Permit me to stretch this feedback…how did the post feel like a trailer? (I need all the follow-up feedbacks I can get) 🙋🙋💆💯

      Thank you dear. I can’t wait for the copy of the book too. Yay 🎁🎁


      • oyide says:

        Oh. I get it now 😂💯💃👍

        Thank God for the inspiration 🙏💯

        I was worried when I started writing that way… Now, I’m way more comfortable in my writing skin.

        Get ready for the ‘personal movie trailer’ of my life 😂🎁💃🙌🙌💕

        My Brother classified the book as a ‘memoir’… 😜 He’s right.

        Thank you for the reply dear Mfon. God bless you dear.

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