August BREAK

I saw a quote this evening and I thought of writing from it…but then my ‘transiting’ writing side told me to put it up as a tweet instead (although it was too long for that).

So, I think I would probably put it up on the Facebook page someday (yes, do checkout ‘BlessingShares’ page after reading).

Back to the point…why this title?
It’s pretty explanatory-my blogging inspiration took an August break– literally. I could tell you for free that all through the month, I had no urge whatsoever to pick up a pen to write a blog related post (up until the 29th ish).

Yes see, I had written once or twice…scratch that (I had written plenty volumes for the book’s sake) in August. But then, I had not written one blog post (there’s apparently a difference- amazing!


“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”- Ecclesiastes 3:1 #MyBestVerses

I would say in this context “a time to write for a blog and a time to cease from writing for the blog.” (I’m back by God’s grace- it was only a break) 😜🙏
It brings me to say at this point that I do remember clearly the year I started blogging…2013. A single quote would trigger a blog post of over 250 words. 
Lately, I have been using quotes all the time, putting them up on the social media platforms ( Facebook Page and @blessingshares on Twitter ), even creating my own quotes (by the grace of God). Although those quotes did not trigger a blog post in August.

You see, it is neither a good thing nor a bad thing…it’s a ‘thing’. There is indeed time for everything. A season to post every other day, and another season to refrain from posting.
I assumed it was an act of laziness…now I know better. It was simply a BREAK.
An innocent one, totally useful….It forms a part of the blogging story. I have written consecutively on the blog for three years…would still write for many years (God willing).
Now, I have come to realise, there is a season to publish write-ups on the blog and there comes a point when you publish chapters of life in a book.


To all those that love the writings on this awesome blog till date (myself inclusive), you can prayerfully countdown to having a compendium of the Writer’s words at a go (more like a memoir in a published book- by God’s grace).
Glory to God!!! The break was worthwhile. 👏🙌🙏💕🙋😃
Oh…it’s great to be back. 

Have a blessed September! Amen 🙏


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4 thoughts on “August BREAK

      • Light Ministry Blog says:

        That’s okay, Oyide…you can see it takes me some time to reply as well! Just a number of comments to cover. You are welcome for any encouragement I can give you. Wishing you a happy holiday season…


        Liked by 1 person

      • oyide says:

        Wishing you a blessed holiday season too.

        Thank you for all the encouragement thus far. God bless you Steve.

        Looking forward to greater strides in the coming year by God’s grace.

        Happy New Year in advance. Amen!


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