If you think it is happening too fast or it possibly looks too good to be true; take a stroll, because it is probably a trap! 

Filter the words coming out from another’s mouth, scan the thoughts running through your mind, restrict the desires of your heart, enlarge your response strategies, and figure out a cushion for your soul; prevent your emotions from ruining your composure.

The desire for better feelings/ days is more of a prayer than a wish. In wishing, one may see less of reality, but in praying, one can almost touch Heaven. I pray my best days arrive; carrying on their wings bounties of blessings: too much for words.

Too much blessings? There is no such thing…the blessings are better when in excess; creating a greater opportunity to give and give a lot! 

A faster pace does not necessarily create a room for greater achievements, it may create an opportunity for better exhaustion; short-lived excitement. 

Wouldn’t we rather take a slow-paced approach to this fast life?

My Thoughts:

This January is my blog anniversary month 💃😃 

An awesome experience so far, for which I am grateful to God. 

It has definitely improved my passion for writing and encouraging others.

Thank you so much for following this awesome blog! 🙌👏💯🙏😃

Happy 2016!!!



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