“The end of a man is not in a thought but an action.”
-Thomas Carlyle
I always acted on this aphorism. It was so cool, it let me move from my almost melancholic realm of ‘dreaming’ to a laudable land of ‘acting’.
The excitement just evaporated like two minutes ago. Here perusing through an inspirational book and realised that acting is not enough😮
Doing extra is the new currency of living in an achieved way. Oh well…join in as we demystify the various insights summarised in this poetic extract.

Do more than exist- live
Do more than touch- feel
Do more than look- observe
Do more than read- absorb
Do more than hear- listen
Do more than listen- understand
Do more than think- ponder
Do more than plan- act
Do more than talk- say something
-Coined from ‘Soaring with Eagles’ by Bill Newman
Where I was:
My acting was synonymous with my doing extra.
Where I am:
Now acting based on the extras#ExtraordinaryLiving.
Where are you?😃


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