Dance floor

While I was swaying to the inspirational rhythm in the book ‘Soaring with Eagles’ by Bill Newman, this Poetic veracity struck me:
Life is a challenge- meet it
Life is a gift- accept it
Life is an adventure- dare it
Life is a sorrow- overcome it
Life is a tragedy- face it
Life is a duty- perform it
Life is a game- play it
Life is a mystery- unfold it
Life is a song- sing it
Life is an opportunity- take it
Life is a journey- complete it
Life is a promise- fulfil it
Life is a beauty- praise it
Life is a struggle- fight it
Life is a goal- achieve it
Life is a puzzle- solve it

In my own thoughts, life is whatever comes with our existence per time. Whatever they may be, live with them accordingly. 💬
Dance Tip:
At every point, the Music will change. Whatever is being played, just DANCE! ‘Now that is LIFE’.💃


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