“I never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

-Mark Twain.

Spinning hard on the spree of activities and now dizzy from the realization that all I have been posting lately are short poems and quotes. (wow!). School bound and it so much of a roller coaster (meant to be cool aii?), filled with breaking moments when you have to catch a deep breath (majorly done by sleeping).

Looking at the quote above and thinking deeply. I will start by saying, I am presently in a momentary place where I have persons around me discussing potent business ideas (pretty intriguing), and working on their dissertations (intensely) and I have my humble self solving some consultancy based questions (whew). A question jolted me to a realization; it was addressed to the mind with the potent ideas: Do you have time to do all these things? It was not meant to be a rhetorical question, but it was (sadly confusing).

There exist unending activities on the path of schooling. Lectures to attend, term papers to draft, books to study, programmes to attend (few are interesting btw) and the list is endless. Still looking at the quote above, I now can demystify it with another maxim that is sadly anonymous; it says that education is what you have left over after you have forgotten everything you have learned. Simply put, schooling is the necessary condition, but definitely does not serve as the sufficient one (partly Economic jargon).

Now, stating in my own words (plain English), do not allow all the activities you engage in while in school, prevent you from pursuing your extra-mural dreams and activities. Only on the path of true self education do you find actual fulfillment, brilliance and literacy. It starts by writing that proposal, going for those dance rehearsals, attending that specialized seminar, mixing that beat and as for me, compiling this write up (in spite of ECO 414). In the end, I will cherish the number of poems I have written, the conferences I have attended, the books I read to build capacity, the working experience I get as I go along (and more). This is education to me and I try (fight time constraint) to balance it with my schooling.

Moral of Write-up

When you are in school, enjoy every moment by ensuring that you balance out all activities vying for your time accordingly. In the end, your schooling cannot be an excuse for your inability to pursue your dreams and attain fulfillment (in spite of how crazy you think it is that the time flies with your timetable).

5 thoughts on “Education

  1. Light Ministry Blog says:

    Extremely well written! I like the thought about “education” and its meaning. I also like the point you make about pursuing one’s dreams outside the walls of education, for life’s education is even more useful in most cases.

    Again, a great job here, young lady!

    Steve 🙂

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      • Light Ministry Blog says:

        You are so welcome, Oyide. We live and breathe and have our very life by the grace of God. Without Him, we literally would be nothing at all. No work, school, dreams, life…nothing!



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