“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

-Winston Churchill.


 Ever tried writing while hungry?…if no, take my words for it. The fatigue does not develop because the stomach does one or two rumbling, neither does it go because you feel positive that you are doing something profitable, the fatigue arises because your brain is trying to construct meaningful thoughts while your stomach constitutes a nuisance. Information is better gotten at the peak of comfort and on a relatively full stomach:), because assimilation is needed for gainful retrieving of facts.

Why the long introduction? Sitting in an auditorium by way past 4 pm, waiting for the commencement of a programme that was to start by 4 pm on the dot, has left me thinking. The achievement of personal objectives are attained on the threshold of trade-offs, at every point in time. After a stretch of activities and the enthusiasm to end the day by remaining effective against all odds, I refused to grab a bite, within the fifteen minutes I had to get to this event’s venue- the objective of eating sacrificed on the platform of ‘being on time’.

Considering a hypothetical situation of the programme being moved to 5 pm  whereby the announcement is made by thirty-five minutes into the waiting period, the question remains *who does that?*. I am sure you may think that twenty-five minutes is enough to grab a bite, but in my world, these things do not exist. I might try, only to realize that it may just be the exact time of getting to the Cafeteria and ordering*whew*. This upgrades the feeling from the inability to concentrate properly, to confusion as to whether to be angry or sad #smh.

After all has been observed and said, I must congratulate myself for the ability to complete this story *theme not specified*#still hungry*lool*, against all odds once again:). Holding all other thoughts constant, I will stay put in the venue and await the commencement, luckily the write-up helped, it is relatively fifteen minutes left:). A beautiful realization has been birthed, the sacrifice of coming early, ended a seemingly blocked writing experience *dancing*. Indeed, a blessing in disguise.


Not only was the programme postponed for an hour, it was later on cancelled:) *hahaha*…oh well, it was eating all the way :D.

In the light of the quote, I am an optimist:), we all should be…life is good. Continue having a great week.


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