"God warms his hands at man's heart when he prays." - John Masefield Lord I want you to help me: Help me on my journey Help me on my way Help me in my moments Help me in my days Help me when the chips are down Help me when the stakes are high. Help … Continue reading Prayer

Dance floor

While I was swaying to the inspirational rhythm in the book 'Soaring with Eagles' by Bill Newman, this Poetic veracity struck me: Life is a challenge- meet it Life is a gift- accept it Life is an adventure- dare it Life is a sorrow- overcome it Life is a tragedy- face it Life is a … Continue reading Dance floor


Have a little Faith:In peopleIn friendsIn placesIn situationsIn promisesIn conversationsIn actionsIn expectationsIn the daysIn life's journeyDo have a little faith in yourselfAnd whatever you do,Have FAITH in God. YEAH:Your Faith in God should be large, coz it is so cool that He never fails. Whatever you do, no matter how little you might trust, have … Continue reading FAITH