I'm high, and I'm lowI don't have an in-between I'm whole, and I'm brokenI don't get a midpoint I'm in, and I'm outI don't give options I'm rich, and I'm poorI don't see the difference I'm human, and I'm spiritI don't have an out I'm alive, and I'm wellI don't grow weary I'm a god, … Continue reading Poem


- Blessing Okoro Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.Ecclesiastes 7:3 (KJV) It is normal to be sad. It is. Mourn with those who mourn, rejoice with those who rejoice. If something goes wrong with someone in the world, it is okay to be sad … Continue reading SADNESS


Pretty Baby- Pretty Girl- Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman As the decades come and go, new phrases will always evolve, accompanying the word 'pretty'... The question is, 'who defines the word? Is it defined in favour of the beholder or the one being looked upon? I found my answer to an aspect of the question in … Continue reading Pretty 


Have a little Faith:In peopleIn friendsIn placesIn situationsIn promisesIn conversationsIn actionsIn expectationsIn the daysIn life's journeyDo have a little faith in yourselfAnd whatever you do,Have FAITH in God. YEAH:Your Faith in God should be large, coz it is so cool that He never fails. Whatever you do, no matter how little you might trust, have … Continue reading FAITH


They call it the thief of the dayI call it the burden of mankind.To intrude in tomorrow's spaceWith luggage of todayIs indeed an inhumane disposition.It gives the rhythm of excusesClearly established on limitations.The only thing wished is:When given a chance to speak, May the voice not be moved forward.AMEN:In order for my voice not to be moved forward when given the … Continue reading PROCRASTINATION


"In between the hustle and stress, you remember to smile."- Blessing OkoroSomeone reminded me that I love laughing...then I considered...but I was laughing to keep sane *thinking*. Now the question is, when did sanity become a goal? *confused*. In between expecting mails, planning the day with each minute, wishing certain people where around, developing capacity, … Continue reading A BREATH OF FUN…