Slow Cooker

I remember last year, I lived in a family house where I rented a room and it was quite an experience.  One of the most striking bits was the gas cooker in the kitchen. To be honest, I don't remember till today exactly how it looked. But one thing I can be sure not to … Continue reading Slow Cooker


"What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever." Mary Jo Putney The colour I loved as a child, I still love it. The love for conferences I found as a child, I still have it -yes! Even the joy I had as a child, I still have it - by God's grace. It's … Continue reading Childhood


Fast days, slow days Happy days, gloomy days All these make up living   Beautiful memories, mundane memories Few memories, countless memories All sum up to the same reminisce   Days when you want to skip Some memories make you think   Days in which you just keep still From memories that bring pain   … Continue reading Everyday


It counts every ten years One, two and onwards. In the land of greatness Where stars are born. These decades are privileged To have a rare gem emerge. On the wings of the Almighty With the angels in awe ovation. This day was beautified greatly By a star different from others. God's own Shinning Star … Continue reading DECADES