So, it’s International Women’s Day again…the fourth time in a roll. I say it this way, because I started celebrating this day in the year 2013 from an invitation to a mentorship session at Citibank Nigeria… Since then, I have totally stayed in love with the idea of the International Women’s Day and all the … Continue reading Womanhood


I believe love is adventurous It becomes more exciting when you have to fight for it. Not a fight per se More like when something is at stake... But not totally at stake you know: It grows stronger when you have something to prove; to either those around you or to yourself. An unbreakable tie … Continue reading CROWD LOVE


It happened again! A perfect third edition of 'The Hangout'💃👐✔💯 It was an awesome combination of discussions, games, fun, food, laughter- Good times, I say- good times ✔😃 Check out the flow of 'the hangout' in pictures...👏 I see @fred_5th discussing with @sintimkingsley- our Community Library Patriot We had more girls in this edition!💃 Beautiful … Continue reading #boshangout

The Hangout!

"Networking means the act of exchanging information with people who can help you professionally."- Michele Jannae #boshangout This awesome event- The Hangout held on Saturday the 5th of July 💃 It was epic! So many things to say...I will let the pictures speak 😃 Our very own Compere and charismatic Organiser of the second edition … Continue reading The Hangout!

Days of my life

"In days like this...I so do not blog."- Blessing Okoro Haba...all these stress for why?😮😕💆😓 P.S- Yes...that's the new way of expressing it 'for why?'😂 The other side of family, engagements, daily living, relationships, dreams, planning, et al. "Everything is everything"😃🙈 My reminder does not seize to buzz out tasks...I'm like really all in one … Continue reading Days of my life


"Everything needs a break."- Toba Beta Due to realisation that the last four years of my life were majorly spent in the tertiary institution, there are many tales to tell and stories to write. Conciseness is key in this case, cause all the memories got summed up in my final year #DaysOfMyLife. From excitement to … Continue reading REST