Written 31/01/2021 “It’s testimony time!” *clapping* I want to thank God for healing my Dad, my Mum and my younger Brother from the demon of COViD-19, to the glory and praise of His Name.  As at the 15th of January 2021, my younger Brother travelled with my Dad for resumption in School. Upon getting there, … Continue reading TESTIMONY SERIES – SEVEN


So, it’s International Women’s Day again…the fourth time in a roll. I say it this way, because I started celebrating this day in the year 2013 from an invitation to a mentorship session at Citibank Nigeria… Since then, I have totally stayed in love with the idea of the International Women’s Day and all the … Continue reading Womanhood


"Epiphanies are expensive."- Julius (Coined from Everybody hates Chris) How have I been? Alive: Alive...in so many excitingly strange and new ways! Blogging: I can blog again? Wow...it's a miracle!, I almost died you know...I forgot all about blogging😮😂 Turquoise: I found my best colour in the strangest places, I tell you...I saw a turquoise … Continue reading REALIZATIONS!

Thank You!

To God Almighty: The Creator of the heavens and the earth. The giver of life, salvation, inspiration, ideas, insights, and every thing beautiful. For bringing 'Blessingshares' this far in such an awesome way. To great minds: Every single person 💃😃. Those that have inspired, encouraged, and been there through the moments. To fellow bloggers and … Continue reading Thank You!

Days of my life

"In days like this...I so do not blog."- Blessing Okoro Haba...all these stress for why?😮😕💆😓 P.S- Yes...that's the new way of expressing it 'for why?'😂 The other side of family, engagements, daily living, relationships, dreams, planning, et al. "Everything is everything"😃🙈 My reminder does not seize to buzz out tasks...I'm like really all in one … Continue reading Days of my life