Testimony Series – Five

Written 08/07/2020 “The LORD gave me an experience.”Blessing O. Okoro This Friday, while I was preparing for Paris, I had to look for my lapel pin tagged, ‘Prisoner4Christ’. Prior to this time, I had looked for it for weeks; everywhere in my room, in the boxes, in my bags, et al. Though I couldn’t find … Continue reading Testimony Series – Five


This month of June, I found six quotes that I was inspired to create *grateful* It is the sixth month of the year, and I thought to share them with you as a way of saying, 'Go be great!' and 'God bless you.'    


Pretty Baby- Pretty Girl- Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman As the decades come and go, new phrases will always evolve, accompanying the word 'pretty'... The question is, 'who defines the word? Is it defined in favour of the beholder or the one being looked upon? I found my answer to an aspect of the question in … Continue reading Pretty 


Sometimes a near death experience may occur on a faithful day; and sometimes, your first emotional reaction- may be an overpowering of your thoughts that leaves you thinking of everything and nothing- how you escaped, the real truth hits you during your introspection. The time you left was just right, and it could not have … Continue reading OVERWHELM

So far…

This is life: The good and seemingly bad days, Ups and the so-called downs, Laughter and temporary tears, Achievements and experiential failures, Work and relaxing play. A blend of the opposites; Such is LIFE. In the process; Stay positively wired at all times. Coz: "Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what … Continue reading So far…

Thank You!

To God Almighty: The Creator of the heavens and the earth. The giver of life, salvation, inspiration, ideas, insights, and every thing beautiful. For bringing 'Blessingshares' this far in such an awesome way. To great minds: Every single person 💃😃. Those that have inspired, encouraged, and been there through the moments. To fellow bloggers and … Continue reading Thank You!