"What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever." Mary Jo Putney The colour I loved as a child, I still love it. The love for conferences I found as a child, I still have it -yes! Even the joy I had as a child, I still have it - by God's grace. It's … Continue reading Childhood

25 Blessings…

On the 31st of October, I decided to write 25 lessons blessings for my Birthday! And 25 songs that have blessed me so far 🙂 This assurance that keeps overflowing in my spirit saying, 'You've not seen your best days yet!!!' Thank You Lord for that Blessing (Best Days Yet) The blessing of the Gospel … Continue reading 25 Blessings…


It was my birthday on the 31st of October!!! Glory to God for life *dancing* Someone told me recently in a conversation, 'you were dancing and all...' hahaha. That person was correct, I do not only dance in written form, I also dance literally!!! 🙂 Why? Well, my God is a great God, so I … Continue reading LOVE


It counts every ten years One, two and onwards. In the land of greatness Where stars are born. These decades are privileged To have a rare gem emerge. On the wings of the Almighty With the angels in awe ovation. This day was beautified greatly By a star different from others. God's own Shinning Star … Continue reading DECADES