The Cross 

"When I survey the wondrous cross,|On which the Prince of Glory died,|My richest gain I count but loss,|And pour contempt on all my pride." — Isaac Watts I will eternally love Christian Hymns 🙌👏💃 Here goes one of my most favourite hymns titled- 'When I Survey The Cross'    1. When I survey the wondrous … Continue reading The Cross 


“I am a dreamer and I WRITE; about everything and nothing. Once in a while, all the time. Every now and then, every other day. I write about the moments, the expectations, the pain, and the wishes; more importantly, I write the truth. I may not be able to state when I began to write, … Continue reading Writing

A Rose 

I bought me a rose Because I deserved one For a love dose Breathe in the fragrance The dying love rose From an all time low Never again to loose But to gaze upon beauty     Love: Now that's priceless.  In days like these, this remains my best verse    @blessingshares Image(s) sourced via Google … Continue reading A Rose 


Pretty Baby- Pretty Girl- Pretty Lady- Pretty Woman As the decades come and go, new phrases will always evolve, accompanying the word 'pretty'... The question is, 'who defines the word? Is it defined in favour of the beholder or the one being looked upon? I found my answer to an aspect of the question in … Continue reading Pretty