Slow Cooker

I remember last year, I lived in a family house where I rented a room and it was quite an experience. 

One of the most striking bits was the gas cooker in the kitchen. To be honest, I don’t remember till today exactly how it looked. But one thing I can be sure not to forget was how slow it was. 

It was so slow that most days I did not feel like cooking – at all. I either ordered food or ate something that didn’t require the cooking patience (sorry, process 🙂 

Now that’s what I learned – patience. Serious patience that I needed in this life. I mean, I could watch water boil for 45 minutes and still smile when it was done. 

I knew the LORD was working on me. I had that slow cooker back then. But today I’m smiling, I’m grateful I don’t remember its looks anymore 😅

Oh yes, and I believe I learned the patience of a ‘slow cooker’. More like, the patience for permitted slow seasons. Ça va aller.

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Let dreams be lived ✍🏽

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