“What one loves in childhood stays in the heart forever.”

Mary Jo Putney

The colour I loved as a child, I still love it. The love for conferences I found as a child, I still have it -yes! Even the joy I had as a child, I still have it – by God’s grace. It’s amazing!!!

My birthday was on the 31st of October and I got to see pictures from my childhood. In between the shouts of, ‘Oh my God! Oh my God!’, I realised that some things never left…the memories got richer each passing year. The memories of the places I’ve been, the shade of pink I loved, the things I appreciated, and of course, the beautiful people 🙂 I’m grateful for them.
No matter where I go, the precious memories, laughter and beauty still linger and they will go on to the glory of God.

Thank you all for the kind wishes and prayers during my birthday month (yes o, I took the whole month to celebrate 🙂

P.S - I love the background in the picture, it reminds me of the paths I've walked as a child. 

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