Too many things to write about
Of the many battles I’ve fought
More like, the battles God fought for me
And won for me, flawlessly and without a scratch.

Too many tests to recount
Of the trials and long days I’ve experienced
Though the LORD was with me and my stay indeed
And He brought me out, He saw me through, He even blessed me.

Too many stories to tell
Of God’s amazing Grace that saved me
Indeed, that saved a wretch like me forever
And delivered me from the claws of that evil one and his incarnates with him.

Too many testimonies to share
Of God’s deliverances in my life
In these past months and beyond
And although time and words may be limited, I’m going to share them anyhow, now and for days to come…AMEN ❤️

I love this song 😊

BlessingShares 2021 All Rights Reserved

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