I’m sitting down in this beautiful garden and I must write a while 💗 God indeed has times and seasons in His Hands. I remember almost all the seasons this garden has gone through – from about September until now – it has grown 🙂 Honestly, I remember when it was bare; still being tilled, cold, almost ‘ugly’, I remember.

But today, this summer, I have pictures of how gorgeous it has become. It is beyond GORGEOUS (I have a full video too 🙂 WOW!!! It’s beautiful, exactly!!! It almost followed the path I have taken from September last year up to this summer.
I can tell you that I went through the same process: tilling (tillage) in the place of prayer, waiting (the wait) in the place of worship, hoping (kept hope alive) in the place of praise, almost ‘ugly’ (the pain) in the place of obedience… But today, GROWTH (growing testimonies everywhere). IT IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL what the LORD has done for me 💗

Now, you see how He told me that He was (is) doing ‘a great work’?! I believed Him then, and I still believe Him now and forever 💗 Come and sit in this garden today and tell me you don’t believe haha You can’t. Nature itself believes and has seen the glory of God! 💗 IT’S BEAUTIFUL 🙂

The Garden Transition 💗

For context sake: Written on the 12th of June, 2021

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