They used to say some years back
That in days like these
It helps to remember that
There have been days like these

Now in recent months
That has changed quite a lot
For in days like these, we know
That there have not been days like these

On days like these
If you find yourself crying
Please allow yourself to cry
Especially when you do not know why

Those tears may simply be
The fuel your heart needs
To reboot itself into reality
Or even to move past the events

The myriad of events
That has taken place in the world
It has affected all of us
Even when we are not aware of it

Though your heart knows
What exactly is going on
Because the world is mourning
From the death news and sorrows

The sorrows that have affected
People far and wide
That has made us vulnerable
To one another and for others

So I would like you to remember
That before these days
Become days of the past
Permit yourself to HEAL through it all.

For context sake: Written on the 17th of March, 2021 ✍🏾

BlessingShares 2021 All Rights Reserved

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