Dream Again…

For context sake: Written on the 25th of March, 2021

This is what came to me as I finished praying this morning, ‘Dream Again…’ It came flashing across my Spirit. 

Why? You see for the past week, I have put up ‘True Words on Dreams’ on my Instagram stories, I have listened repeatedly to the song ‘Graves into Gardens‘, and I have borne a burden in my heart to see dreams lived. More like, a burden to see dreams lived again.

The deadness of the year 2020, the fallow state from which the year 2021 began, has caused men and women to walk around (more like stay at home) almost lifeless – with no zeal for living. It has drained the life of the dreams they once had, it has gotten them wondering, ‘with all the deaths and death news around, why dream at all?’ 

That’s it! That is why that crossed my Spirit, ‘Dream Again…’ There is no way to explain it in many words. It is more instructive (more of an instruction) than explanatory (something I can literally explain).

It is an instruction to shake others out of the dead state of their dreams. It is an awakening from the graves of buried passion. It is a call to work in uncertain times. It is a deliverance to love the life God has called you to fulfil. 

The hour, the season, the time has come to, ‘Dream Again!’

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