You sit down and say, ‘One day I will be GREAT!’ You already are (when God created you, He made you GREAT). God created you GREAT.
Although when you sit down and refuse to be who God created you to be, then you start to feel less of GREATness. I would put it another way, ‘When you sit back and relax on the work that the LORD has created you to do, you begin to feel a loss of GREATness’. Let me say it a third time in yet another way, ‘When I refuse to work my talent of writing, only then can I begin to lose touch with the GREATness the LORD has put in me’.

I remember in the year 2013, I told my friend while in School, ‘You already are today what you will be in the future.’ Today, I’m going to take that statement further by saying, ‘You are GREAT today and every single day of your life.’ How? You know you do not become great on the day you win a national or global award, no. You do not become great on the day your name shows up in the Forbes list or any other prestigious ranking within your field, no. I do not become great on the day I receive a global writer’s prize, no. Why? You see, you were GREAT right from the beginning. When? It happened when you were created (and born in this world).

I was great when I was fearfully and wonderfully made by God. The LORD created you, me, us, and He saw, ‘It was very good!’ That was our seal of GREATness.
Now, we don’t even have to overthink being or becoming GREAT. Just go on and be yourself – it’s pretty simple yes? That’s how easy it is to go and be GREAT.

I hope this helps you yeah. Because we’re not ordinary people, no, no, no. We’re GREAT people; great minds achieving great results as we go on in life. There you have it. Go and be GREAT!

Go on and be yourself. Because GREATness is your natural state.

Blessing Ofure Okoro

4 thoughts on “GREATness

  1. Rosemary Okoro says:

    What a great piece 💕 very well articulated, inspiring and motivating! Welldone my dear. I pray that God grant you more grace 🙏💖


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