For context sake: Written on the 30th of August, 2020

Love is given to you freely. Matter of fact, you’re born with it. But hatred, on the other hand, you learn to hate, you’re not born that way. 

In the Truth, Love is given you divinely – God is love. While hate, you sit in a particular place, you stay among certain people, you commune in a certain local assembly, and then you learn their hatred. 

I found myself frowning across the table at one of my sisters because her sister has always frowned at me. Then I pinched myself. I found myself not shouting ‘AMEN’ when the LORD moved me to shout during the services, because I heard someone saying, ‘they’ll tell you you’re being too loud’. But I shook myself. I found myself this afternoon almost cursing the local assembly for giving me stripes for being led by the Holy Ghost. But I prayed a blessing for them instead. 

So, to reconcile all these, I’m going to stay put, by God’s grace. I’m going to stay put from the gatherings where they frown at me. I’m going to stay put from the services where they don’t shout ‘AMEN’. I’m going to stay put from those that beat us ‘Holy Rollers’ with stripes but claim to have a form of godliness, I’m going to stay put…for I do not want nor need to learn their hatred.

God’s Love is enough for me. More than enough for me. It gives me the Power to believe Him for every redemptive Blessing(s) in His Word, including the deliverance of these my Brethren from the demon of hatred. AMEN!

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