Written 10/04/2020

“Everything I prayed for, God gave it to me.”

Blessing O. Okoro

And everything I thank God for, the Lord multiplies. ‘I should pray some more – definitely!’ All the prayer points I write down each night, the Lord answered(s) them. To the glory and to the praise of His Holy Name.

I was just sharing my testimony with my family here in Orléans during the devotion time. Actually, I remember vividly me praying for this family to have a prayer altar established in their home. Now, look at this, the Lord has done it! (I will show them this testament by God’s grace).

You know, I also see another answered prayer(s). They were written in the form of ‘Life After School Engagements’ for me in the year 2013. I wrote those desires in my iPad notes with Zechariah 4:5-6, and prayed for the grace of God. I looked at my notes two nights ago or so…everything I wrote as a desire has come to pass!!! Like even down to, ‘speak, read, write French’ *haha* (I never knew I wrote that, and at that time t, and I didn’t know how it was to be done). But God that grants the desires of my heart, according to His Will brought them to pass.

Now, my emphasis on ‘according to His Will’; you see, I looked at a second notes, in the iPad tagged, ‘Actualization Goals’, and there were those that were not even done (and I could feel the Holy Spirit confirming that, ‘this is not for you’).

So today, I am indeed grateful for answers to prayers, and I’m grateful to the LORD for granting my heart desires, all according to the His Will for my life. 



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