Written 19/06/2020

“Thank You JESUS CHRIST for healing Javi’s Mum.”


I’m glad, sincerely. My heart is full 🙂 I’m so grateful to God for delivering Javi’s Mom from the demon of COVID-19, to the glory and praise of His Name! 

My friend and colleague Javier (from the MBA class) told us on the 9th of June that His Mom was tested positive for COVID-19 and had been admitted to the hospital. He asked for encouragement videos from his friends and he asked for prayers.

That week/period, we had been listening to Tapes on Sundays and on weekly fellowship days, and even I was listening by myself as led by the Holy Spirit. I had listened to testimonies, Sermons, read Bible Scriptures and all. It was a high moment of faith for the Bride of Christ.

I began to ask myself how this news was coming at this time. Out of compassion, I told Javi I would send in prayers for his Mom. I began praying for her that day, that night also, I was in prayers. The Holy Spirit was leading me to see this as a way for the Gospel to be preached to Javier and his family (in Power). 

I prayed, I prayed, I received the leading to send out the Sermon Message, ‘Look Away To Jesus (63-1229E)’. I had to go to the Twitter Account of the Abuja Fellowship to look for the Message. I was then led to send the ENG-SPN version, which I found to the glory of the LORD.

Now, I had prayed. I kept on having this leading to speak the Word over the situation. From all the Messages on Sundays, the trail kept on pointing to Mark 11:23, ‘…If you say unto this mountain, be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea, ye shall have what you ask.’ (paraphrased).

So the next day, the 10th – actually the same 9th sorry – that same evening, the LORD stopped me and said, ‘Speak to your friend, ask him, “do you believe the LORD JESUS CHRIST can heal your Mom.”’ I sent him this question. He said, ‘Yes, I do.’ I then was led to speak, “Well, then the Faith I have for this hour, I give It unto you in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. And I give you your Mom totally healed in JESUS CHRIST Name.”

Then I shared the link of my testimony of how the LORD healed me of that side trouble (I translated the text to Spanish also), for him to encourage her and to be encouraged also. That night the LORD gave me the Sermon, ‘Look Away To Jesus’ to share with him (the Spanish translation) for his Mom to listen and be encouraged (even while she was still in the hospital). I did that and I left it there.

The LORD began dealing/speaking with me. He said, ‘Search the Scriptures’. The aspect of ‘I give you…’ was so direct for me, so the LORD had mercy upon me and began giving me answers. By God’s Grace, the Prophet has preached about this verse, Mark 11:23 in the Tapes. So that is where I got It from – the manifestation of this Word in my days – then I spoke by Faith as led by the Holy Spirit.

The LORD gave me two Scriptures – the first one was of Peter and John at the gate of the temple called Beautiful in Acts 3. Where it is recorded,

Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.

Acts 3 verse 6 (KJV)

The LORD said, ‘You see, the lame man was given his healing in JESUS Name. Peter gave him what he had.’

The same which, in the fellowship, the Message from the local Assembly was, ‘He That Is In You (63-1110E)’. The same Mark 11:23 came back, ‘If ye say unto this mountain…’ To the glory of God, that night the LORD sealed the revelation and understanding of that Scripture in my heart – to the glory of the LORD. 

Now, the second Scripture was Matthew 9:1-6 (which I read today). The LORD led me to read It at the end of the testimony. The same way He led me to send my video for Javier’s Mom at the end (when she was out of the Hospital). Why? Because I gave Javi one major Thing in two different declarations; the Faith for this Hour and the total healing of his Mom.

That’s what JESUS CHRIST did for the paralyzed man, in order to spell it out to the people who had doubt/questions. 

Yesterday, Javier announced again on the friends’ group that his Mom was discharged from the hospital (as at that yesterday), to the glory and praise of the LORD. JESUS CHRIST healed her and He healed her completely. Gloria a Dios!!!

JESUS CHRIST is the Same yesterday, today and forevermore. The Scripture Mark 11:23 has been fulfilled before your eyes. HALLELUJAH!


  1. Rosemary Okoro says:

    Praise God 🙏❤️ Hallelujah!!! What a mighty God we serve! Thanks be to God for great things he hath done 👍🙏❤️ Amen.

    Yours sincerely, Mom.

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